Friday, March 1, 2013

oVirt Node 2.6.1

Pope Benedict XVI  in Castel Gandolfo

Node 2.6.1- a very slim firmware-like Fedora for oVirt Node - has been released.
This minor release was necessary because our major TUI rework introduced a security hole. Get it here.

So whats new about Node 2.6.x?
Well, we've got plugins and a new TUI (a new installer TUI will follow shortly).
More can be found in the release notes.

And whats coming up?
It obvious that a "solid core" or this "firmware like"  properties of Node are well suited for other projects as well (think of OpenStack, Gluster, ...)
So a near term goal is to dro the oVirt specific bits (like vdsm) to make Node more general and easier to use for other projects.
And the new installer shall also land.

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