Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Package management w/ dnf is fast

Yum feels slow sometimes. That's not new. I was impressed by zif and how much quicker it is. And now, once again I'm impressed how quick dnf is.
Besides beeing quick - dnf is also looking quite clean.
So let's see when it get's into a prominent position, for now you can install it on Fedora 18 by using
$ sudo yum install -y dnf
The commandset is not yet as comprehensive as yums, but the basics are working.


  1. Yeah, I'm currently a happy user of dnf as well. It is lightning fast compared to yum, especially the depsolving part... It still has some rough edges, but it looks really promising. Plus the basic part is written in C instead of python. +100 from me for that.

  2. Hi,

    Note that dnf runs an hourly cron job that keeps meta data up to date. I think this does contribute to it's speed. I'm guessing running an hourly cron job that updates the yum cache would probably increase it's speed quite a bit too.

    This is only related to the cache download. I haven't tried to measure the difference in yum and dnf during the transaction phase (yet).


  3. Hi Ankur,

    dnf is faster where it does things differently, i.e. in the depsolve part and a lot. Cache has nothing to do with it.