Friday, January 25, 2013

Nothing new, just GNOME 3

GNOME 3 is my favorite DE.
I really appreciate how much works has gone into GNOME. Into the UI and below the surface. Seen from my perspective GNOME - as on Fedora - turns into the best system-integrated DE. The control-center can actually be used to control system stuff - thanks to all the changes that happened below, within cups, systemd, pulseaudio, colord, ... To me Fedora feels more like one system, and not several layered components.
Sure, the changes were disruptive and not every one is happy with the results - but that's just normal. And I wonder about all this ranting and bashing on changes.
In the case of GNOME it's also nice and somewhat refreshing to see that there is a plan - a vision - of where to go and what to form.

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