Friday, November 11, 2011

Session wide logging in GNOME.

Currently each application in GNOME is using GLib's logging functionality or something custom.
Errors written to stdout get logged in ~/.xsession-errors - and other places we don't know about.

What I would like, is to have a central place for application related logging. This could have many benefits:
  • Users have a single place to look out for errors applications didn't (yet) tell them about.
  • A logging daemon can keep a history and this could help solving bugs, e.g. it could be added to abrt reports.
  • Leads to less clutter in ~/.xsession-errors
If such a daemon is introduced, it should to be easy to integrate and be backwards compatible. In my eyes talking to this daemon can easily be realized by providing a GLogFunc, which handles the appropriate communication with the daemon. Additional features - like searching or exporting - could also be provided by the DBus interface, bt this is not important for logging itself.

And this is what I suggest:

slogd a simple logging daemon, providing a DBus interface to log messages.  This daemon also has an example backend which logs the messages into a sqlite database (via GDA).

libslogc a very tiny library to communicate with the daemon and slogc, a small tool wrapping libslogc. libslogc also provides slog_client_log (...), a GLogFunc to be used from C.

And there is finally simple.c, a small example on how to integrate libslogc. (Well, there ain't much to do.)

The code can be found at
This is a prototype to get some feedback and see what other people think about a central logging daemon.

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