Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Presence and adjustable video quality.

Presence - a small vala, gstreamer, clutter and dirac/schroedinger - based bi-directional video tool, is configurable now.

You can actually use it to establish uni- or bi-directional audio/video streams in trusted/local networks. Sometimes this can be handy, as those streams can be set-up to have a much better quality than generic VoIP solutions ...
You can even receive more than one stream.

Currently you can adjust the video size, the compression quality and the framerate to get the optimal balance between performance and capabilities of the underlying hardware.
A next thing is to tune those parameters automagically - but I'll need to find out how to detect dropped frames or an increased latency. Additional there should be a way to adjust the latency/buffer on the receiving side, to match the amount of data coming in.

Find it on gitorious.

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