Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to get a link to your public hardware data (smolt profile).

Smolt is a tool to gather data about your hardware in a distribution independent way. Hardware data can be interesting for a couple of reasons, e.g. developers get detailed informations about hardware involved in bugs.
When opted-in, a smolt profile is created for your hardware after the installation, on the first boot (via firstboot). There is smoltSendProfile (part of the smolt package), which can be used to re-send your hw data.
But there is no easy way to get a link to your public profile - this should be changed, but until then ..
- if you are interested - you can use the following lines, to determine the URL to your public profile:
$ python <<EOF
import sys
sys.path.append ("/usr/share/smolt/client")
import smolt 
print (smolt.get_profile_link(smolt.smoonURL, smolt.getPubUUID ()))

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