Sunday, May 5, 2013

ORBX.js - is no open codec


I'm by no way an expert, but until now ORBX.js is - to me - not much more than a tech demo and not "the future".

ORBX seems to be a propietary video codec, which operates highly parallel - that there is ORBX.js - a javascript decoder for this codec - doesn't help the fact that it's proprietary. So I wonder what the fuzz is all about. As said: To me ORBX.js is currently not much more than a tech demo to illustrate JavaScript's (or more it's interpreters) capabilities. And currently I couldn't find any hint that ORBX - the codec - is going to be opened - which is also not as easy, as this would involve some sort of patent audit to sort out it's patent status.

At last I at least like the fact that it's now shown that there can be highly parallel video codecs, which can utilize the GPU from a high level language.
I wonder if this can be done with Dirac.

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