Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mozilla's rust in Fedora's PPA Copr

Copr is Fedora's answer to Ubuntu's PPA - IIUIC, so don't nail me on the definition.
Slavek give's a nice introduction into how Copr works and what it does.

Now - Copr can be used to create public repositories for 3rd-party packages like rust - which can not (yet) land in the official Fedora repos (in rusts's case because of the bundling other libs).
I had to uploaded a source rpm of rust and point Copr to it, so Copr can pick it up and do a chroot build.
Best is that Copr is also creating the appropriate repository and you only need the following repo file to install rust with dnf or yum.

# Add the following repo file
$ cat rust.repo 
name=Rust packages (unofficial)

# And install it
$ sudo dnf install rust

In general Copr seems to be nice - it's still abit rough around the edges, but that's expected. It can surely imagine that t's going to fit well into our existing infrastructure.

[Update] The copr landing page for rust and the package rust-0.6-2.fc18.x86_64.rpm link.


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