Monday, September 12, 2011

Rollo - gswitcheroo, a small daemon for vgaswitcheroo.

VGA Port
I'm working on a small library/daemo/client which wrap some functionallity of  vgaswitcheroo, a small kernel feature to handle hybrid graphic setups found in some laptops.

The main intention is to allow the user to switch to the required card
Sometimes this switch is required, because just one of the cards is connected to the external output of the laptop - which can be used to connect a beamer.

The current code can be found at
daemon and client should be working by now, but the installation bits need some work.

My intention is to add some configuration point to gnome-control-center. A first suggestion was to use the "System information" -> Graphics-Tab.
Any suggestions and early adopters?


  1. Cool !

    I've got an hybrid laptop at work and I swear I will test your code tomorrow !
    Thanks a lot dude ;)

  2. Will this come to Fedora 16? Or are you working towards 17?

    Anyway, great work!!

  3. I plan to package it up and get it into Fedora within the 16 cycle, but you will have to install it manually.