Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alliteration - Fedora Fusion

I got my hands on a Lenovo x121e (5051) - an AMD Fusion E-350 powered laptop. So how does Fedora 16 Alpha 15 on that device?

Reasons? Much new things to test: EFI, AMD Fusion E-350, HDMI + VGA. And a quite low price tag at about € 360.
Like Fedora somewhat on the bleeding edge.

What works? Everything I tested so far. Wireless (Atheros), Graphics (ATI Radeon), Harddrive, USB, ...
And all those shiny things worked out of the box (!). No manual intervention needed, so a silent a cautious A+.

What doesn't? I just noticed some graphics glitches in gnome-shell, but maybe those will get fixed until the final release.

EFI: I could boot into Fedora 16 Alpha Live Desktop using the legacy fallback. EFI seems to work, but there are currently issues booting Fedora 16 with EFI, so I went back and use Fedora 15 updates-testing booted via EFI and BTRFS partitions.

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