Sunday, April 28, 2013

Woot - Mozilla's Firefox Mobile Nigtly has WebRTC support

Once and again I try the Nightly version of Mozilla Firefox.

Today I noticed that the Mobile version of Firefox has WebRTC support. Woot!?

That means you can go into about:config and set

to true.
If you've got a second mobile device or download the nightly desktop version (and enable peerconnection there too).
Then you can visit the webrtc reference application with the first device, and enter the given URL (at the bottom) on the second device to join the session.
E voilĂ  you've got a working WebRTC (with video and audio) connection between your two devices.

Or even ! Yes - use - looks promissing. Maybe even for team (ovirt) meetings?

Enjoy and feed-back.

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