Thursday, July 5, 2012

Auto bash wrapper creation for python functions and oVirt Node CI testing

Well Wrapped

There is currently working going on on bringing CI testing to oVirt Node - our smallish Fedora based "hypervisor".
Enabling automated testing is quite a challenge, because Node is not using anaconda/kickstart for installation, works with a read-only rootfs and uses a snack/newt based TUI. Many existing automated testing solutions have problems with some these aspects - because they rely on kickstart or on ATK.

Anyhow, the testcases which are run on Node are typically written in bash or python. There are a couple of common functions that are needed in both languages (e.g. to communicate with the testing server or providing a common logging function).
It's quite error prone to have functions in both languages providing the same functionality, and that was the point where I looked for a method to automatically or "natively" call python functions from bash (not calling bash from python).
Searching didn't lead to any good alternative, therefor I've come up with the this bash snippet which creates bash functions for all callables of a given python module.
This might not be perfet, but it does the job in our case.

The TUI testing - while we are at it - is now done using uinput.

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