Thursday, March 15, 2012

Package management using zif.

As yum was introduced I was happy about it's features. Also some of the later features like history and the rollback are nice and handy.
But yum can be slow.

If you want to use a different rpm high-level management system with a comparable featureset to yum give zif a try:
$ sudo yum install -y zif-tools PackageKit-zif
This also installs the zif backend for PackageKit - which appears to the user as the package update dialog.
Many known commands will work:
$ zif search yum
$ sudo zif install -y livecd-tools
$ zif # will print help


  1. Also, try installing PackageKit-zif -- then PackageKit works quite a lot faster too. :)

  2. Does this use yum plugins like fastestmirror if installed?