Friday, December 9, 2011

OpenCL on Fedora: A quick look at building pocl.

Finally a 3.0 release candidate of llvm is packaged for Fedora and available via rawhide. Many of the current OpenCL implementations like pocl and clover depend on llvm-3.0 and with this release it is finally an easy thing to build pocl on Fedora.
pocl has some other pre-requirements besides clang/llvm, after installing them you can just build the software as usual:

$ sudo yum install --enablerepo=rawhide llvm-devel llvm clang \

$ git clone 
$ bzr branch lp:pocl
$ bash
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check


  1. Does these OpenCL implementation permit hardware accelerated operations, or are the kernels executed on the CPU at the moment ?

  2. Currently pocl as well as clover are supporting CPUs as a compute device.
    But the intention behind clover is to be able to use GPUs via mesa, but there is still much work to do, to reach this functionality.

    You need to use proprietary drivers to use GPUs.

  3. AMD is pushing open OpenCL support: