Friday, October 21, 2011

Da sein - Introducing presence a tool for »videoconferencing«

Intended purpose: Use this application to transmitt audio and video in an n-to-m-peers fashion in quite high quality and with a hopefully low latency. This can be the case in scenarios like connecting video walls, e-lecture or simple bi-directional two people communication.

Intended audience and requirements: This application is designed for an elite circle of users who are in a situation with:
  • no NAT problems, e.g. IPv6 users
  • one multicast domain or access to their DNS records
  • quite high bandwidth, like 2 Mb/s
  • secured transport way, aka VPN or or non-public network
  • multi-core systems (single core Intel Atoms are a no-go), but something like an AMD E-350
  • Fedora 16

Design: Trageting a very specific need (near-realtime bi-directional a/v transmission in a good quality, not caring about bandwidth and security) this tool also doesn't follow public standars like RFCs, but more builds ontop of available features (e.g. gstreamers rtpgstpay). On the other side standards are use:
  • RTSP stream control
  • dirac video codec
  • vorbis audio codec
  • mdns service discovery
  • Mx based interface
  • Fulscreen mode
  • IPv6 support
Currently presence is some kind of beta. Find out more on the appropriate page.

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